Yishun EC Located Near to Shopping Centres

Yishun EC is located near a group of malls and shopping centres situated in the commune of Yishun in north. The mall is one of the largest malls in the commune and has been designed by some well-known architects. It is constructed from high quality corrugated steel for maximum durability. Yishun EC is one of the best shopping centres in the commune of Yishun, Hong Kong.

Yishun EC is conveniently located near the Yishun MRT Station and is also conveniently located close to many other facilities at the centre of Yishun. Yishun EC boasts a collection of shopping centres that are known for their high quality and convenient services. Yishun MRT Station is conveniently located near the Yishun EC. The mall has several facilities and amenities inside it such as restaurants, small-scale stores, cinema theatres, video cinemas etc.

This shopping mall is just a few steps away from the Yishun MRT Station. The mall is also conveniently located near the Yishun MRT Station and has a branch of the YMCA at the corner of the mall. The mall has a branch of the YMCA at the corner of the avenue and was rated as the best YMCA in the town.

The Yishun EC has a lot of amenities including a branch of the YMCA at its base. The mall is a part of the YMCA International brand and was built in the late 70s. It was built by YMCA International in part with the help of the public. It has a total land area of 99 years and has a capacity of more than fifteen thousand people at any one time.

It has been built in such a way so that it can accommodate the growth of the community and accommodate the rising number of the residents. The shopping centre offers residents lots of options to satisfy their individual needs such as a variety of dining options, a variety of shops and a central restaurant. There are also over fifty restaurants and more than thirty-five shopping malls. It is a wonderful mix of the modern and traditional ambience. There are also hotels in the shopping centre area that provide accommodation to the residents.

The Yishun Community has built a unique model, where the residents have the choice of living in a condominium residential area or in a conventional mall. The residents get to use all the facilities provided in the mall including the restaurants, theaters, cinemas, shopping centre and even a small town park. There are also over sixteen leisure centers including hotels and health clubs, which offer all kinds of facilities for a healthy lifestyle. The Yishun Community has built over three hundred five thousand of units and one million cu spaces, making it the biggest Singapore mall and most popular retail shopping centre.

The Yishun EC provides high quality facilities and amenities for its residents. There are five star hotels, health clubs, spas and a small town park among many others for the comfortable stay of the residents. The executive condominiums have been built on fully developed sites and have spas and a good variety of amenities in them. The five star hotel facilities at Yishun are well equipped and offer world-class service to their guests.

The Yishun Community is also involved in the planning and development of the communities along the Singarikay and Bukit Timah regions. The Bukit Timah segment has been planned by the Yishun Community with the intention of connecting it to the main road of the city called the east coast line by making a boulevard. This boulevard will go through the centre of the district and will connect the communities to the east coast line. As a result the residents of Yishun can access to the malls easily and also get connected to the east coast line in case of an emergency. The Yishun executive condominium projects are being developed with the aim of creating a high standard of living and environmental awareness.