Founded in 2009, Tronix Real Estate is a real estate agency that’s based in Zadar. The Authorities has granted us permission to offer real estate services to Singapore and surrounding areas. Additionally, we are registered by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce as a real estate agency and hence we have met all the minimum requirements needed to offer professional services.

Highly Skills Real Estate Professionals

Whether you are buying or selling real estate property, Tronix Real Estate team of professionals are trained, skilled and experienced to offer professional advice throughout the process. Our team comprises of a lawyer, many licensed real estate agents and an architect to help you deal with any real estate problem you might be facing. Our team of professionals can effectively communicate in French, German and English languages making it easy for us to deal with numerous clients from all over the world. Since we market and advertise our professional services in the country and abroad, we have developed a huge foreign and domestic client base.

High Quality Services For All Times

We pride ourselves as the leading real estate agency in Singapore having held the AAA Certificate of Excellence since 2014! We value our clients and promise to offer high-quality services at all times.

Services Offered at Tronix Real Estate

Here are the services at Tronix Real Estate we offer:

  • Offering professional advice about real estate value
  • Checking building legality
  • Advise our clients on concluding a preliminary contract & purchase agreement
  • Mediation in the sale or purchase of all real estate properties
  • Review and comparison of title deeds and ownership
  • Providing legal services to our clients via our lawyer & licensed law firm
  • Assisting registration in offices & land registers
  • Marketing & real estate presentation
  • Any other services related to sales especially real estate property

To learn more about us, contact us and we will gladly serve you. Finally, visit our website to find the latest real estate offers in Singapore and nearby areas.