Tronix Real Estate promises to put customer privacy and confidentiality at the heart of everything we do. The careful and appropriate use of your personal data is a top priority for us, and we take robust measures to keep it protected.

Confidential Use of Customer Data

We adhere to both a strict internal policy on the confidential use of customer data and specific data privacy regulations provided by the government. Tronix Real Estate is required by law to manage your information in lawful ways. We’re happy to provide proof of our privacy policy to any customer who requests it.

To ensure you always feel confident trusting us with your information, here are some of the regulations SAF Real Estate must abide by. Read these details carefully to get a full understanding of what we can and cannot do our customers’ data.

Personal Data We Can Collect and Store (From You)

Tronix Real Estate collects some data directly from customers for the purposes of improving browsing and shopping experiences. We try to make it very clear when this happens and, where possible, give you the option to opt out.

  • Information entered in online AND paper forms. This may include your name, address, date of birth, contact details and credit information. Our payment gateways are fully encrypted to ensure no one but you can see your credit/debit card details. When they are stored, it is only to speed up the checkout process.

Communication on Marketing Messages

  • We may occasionally use your contact information to communicate marketing messages over the phone, text or email. The law requires us to provide clear opportunities to opt out of this process. If you opt out of one or all channels, we must cease all further contact via that medium(s).
  • In specific circumstances (where permission is given online or over the phone), members of our customer service team may access phone transcripts or your customer account to provide support with a request or query. We don’t record all customer calls, but it is sometimes necessary for training purposes.

Personal Data We May Collect from Our Website

When customers access our website, some data relating to their browsing activities is automatically collected. Again, there are stringent limitations on how Tronix Real Estate can access and use this information.

  • Cookies relating to your browsing activities are collected for three reasons. A small percentage of cookies are essential and give you access to secure and encrypted areas of the website such as payment gateways. If you do not authorise these, you may not be able to make online purchases. Other cookies track your unique journey through our website to give us insights on how you use it and which areas we can improve to enhance your personal experience. You may opt out of this cookie collection, but it might prevent you from accessing the best version of our site.

Data That We have Collected Based on IP Address

  • Some specific details relating to your IP address and any associated browsing activities may be collected and used anonymously. This data is used (without identifying information) in statistical and demographic surveys. It helps Tronix Real Estate to learn about its customers and provide a better service.

When We Can (And Cannot) Share Your Information

Tronix Real Estate is not permitted to share customers’ personal information with any third parties unless the intention to do is clearly stated and authorised. If you give us permission, we may share your contact details with trusted marketing affiliates, but we are not permitted to do so indiscriminately.

Sharing of Details Collected

There are some specific instances in which we may share details essential for completing actions you’ve personally selected.

  • We may share some data with third party agents and contractors to ensure the security of credit transactions made on our website and/or any payments made to affiliates via the Tronix Real Estate website.
  • In some rare cases, we share transaction information with anti-money laundering authorities to assist with fraud prevention. This policy is in place to protect our customers. If we suspect fraudulent activity on your account, details will be passed to the relevant authority to determine the legitimacy of transactions and limit the damage if unlawful activity is suspected.