Holland Village, an iconic Singaporean neighbourhood, is known for its vibrant lifestyle and eclectic blend of eateries, shops, and entertainment spots. Unfortunately, the car park in the area has become much smaller in recent years. For those in the area looking to buy a new condo, one desirable option is Holland Drive Condo. With a direct connection to Holland Village MRT Station, Holland Drive Condo offers easy access to the area’s popular attractions. Those living in the condo are also just a short distance away from other nearby amenities, such as supermarkets, restaurants, and shopping malls. The condo also provides a host of facilities and amenities, such as a swimming pool, gym, and sky terrace. Given the superb location and top-notch facilities, Holland Drive Condo stands out from the other options in the neighbourhood.
scape is Unrivaled

Holland Drive Condo offers a whole landscape that is unparalleled. Set in a spectacular, unspoiled natural environment, the condo complex is a real estate gem. Surrounded by lush green spaces and serene waters, the residence provides an idyllic living experience. A variety of amenities including a swimming pool, playground, and basketball court make Holland Drive Condo an ideal place to call home. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, or a tranquil place to call home, the condo complex is sure to provide it. With its convenient location and desirable features, the Holland Drive Condo is an investment you won’t regret.
Holland Drive Condo has been a long-standing favorite among the younger demographic for years, with the combination of eateries, nightlife, and live music on offer. With a variety of housing choices — from single-family homes to apartments — One Holland Village is an ideal location for those seeking to live in the bustling yet laid-back atmosphere of the city.

One Holland Village has been a prime destination for people from all walks of life, offering something for everyone. From single-family homes to apartments, the range of housing options is just one of the many reasons Holland Drive Condo has become a hotspot for the up-and-coming younger demographic. The area is home to a glorious mix of eateries, nightlife, and live music, making it a great spot to enjoy a night out or grab a bite to eat with friends. For those looking to settle in the city, One Holland Village offers an exciting yet laid-back atmosphere – the perfect place to call home.

Rai Kannu fondly recalls his days as a part of the iconic Singaporean music duo, Jack & Rai. “We got our start at Wala Wala, where we eventually played to sold-out audiences. It was truly special to be part of the origin story of such an incredible local music venue,” he muses. Not too far away from Wala Wala is the eagerly awaited Holland Drive Condo, a luxurious residential development that is set to redefine living standards for its residents. It is sure to be another great addition to this vibrant neighbourhood.
The mall is geared with a vast array of shopping and dining options, with both familiar and unexpected retail offerings, various F&B outlets, and a contemporary gourmet grocery store.

This contemporary mall, Holland Drive Condo, is designed to integrate into, and complement, the existing Holland Village. It features multiple entrances for cars and pedestrians, with a network of sheltered linkways and overhead bridges linking to the bus stop, the MRT station and the streets of Holland Village. The mall is equipped with a wide variety of shopping and dining choices, featuring both familiar and unexpected retail outlets, a variety of F&B outlets, and a contemporary gourmet grocery store.

He estimates that, with a gradual influx of new residents, Holland Drive Condo may only feel the full impact of this change after “a year’s time”. Just like it was during the pandemic, he’s willing to be patient and wait for brighter days ahead.
With over two decades of history, this local favorite has become almost synonymous with Holland Village.

Wala Wala Café Bar is a true Singaporean classic, known for its unpretentious atmosphere and casual vibes. For over two decades, it has been the go-to spot for locals and visitors alike in the Holland Village area. With classic hits playing in the background, its comfortable and friendly atmosphere makes it a great place for getting together with friends to catch up over drinks. With a wide selection of beers, spirits and wines, you will be able to find something to suit your taste.

Wala Wala is also the perfect spot for a night out. It frequently has live music performances, open mics and other fun activities for patrons to enjoy. So if you are in the Holland Village area and looking for a place to chill and party, Wala Wala Café Bar is the right place for you. And if you are lucky enough to stay in Holland Drive Condo, the bar is only a stone’s throw away. Make sure to check it out when you are around!

Since the outbreak of Covid, Holland Village has seen a drastic decline in activity compared to pre-pandemic times. As Stanley shares, drivers are seemingly too averse to walking to the car park which is ‘far away’, and the situation worsens when there is rain. He also highlights the fewer crowds that frequent Wala Wala nowadays, noting that the absence of live music is a likely contributor. In addition, with the upcoming development of the Holland Drive Condo, the area is expected come alive in due time.
The area around Holland Drive Condo has long been known as a quiet residential neighbourhood, far from from the bustle of the nearby town centre. There have also been reports that the surrounding areas are succumbing to crime and gang activities which discourages people from visiting the area.

The area surrounding Holland Drive Condo is generally considered a quiet residential neighbourhood, with low footfall due to a number of factors. The area is far removed from the hustle and bustle of the town centre, and there have been reports of a rise in crime and gang-related activities in the area, which has made some people hesitant to visit. Despite this, there are still a few surviving food and retail tenants in the area.

For over a decade, Wala Wala has become a go-to haunt for music aficionados and a treasured spot for many in the local music industry. Sadly, the bar is no longer able to host live music performances due to space constraints in its Holland Drive Condo location. Nonetheless, the bar still plays host to gigs from in-house and outside acts, and serves as a haven for social interactions and entertainment for all.

Live music at the bar has always been at the heart of entertainment in Singapore. It has been a long standing fixture in the vibrant nightlife, providing a much needed platform for local musicians to showcase their talents.

The closure of its live music space marks the end of a unique era for Wala Wala, and is surely a cause for sadness in the local music industry. However, the team at the bar remains committed to its entertainment roots and continues to provide an avenue for patrons to experience music in the bar.

The closure of Wala Wala’s live music space, while a major loss to the local music scene, is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of the nightlife scene in Singapore. Even in its Holland Drive Condo location, the team at Wala Wala is determined to bring quality music and entertainment that will remain an integral part of Singapore’s vibrant nightlife.

The addition of further food and beverage and retail outlets is expected to attract even more footfall to Lorong Mambong and Lorong Liput. Holland Drive Condo is close to these two streets, so the new F&B and retail stores should result in more shoppers in the area.
Taking no shortcuts in their coffee-making process, the couple invented their signature Dutch Coffee, and the patrons love it.

William and Pie Brodie made their mark on Holland Village two years ago with the founding of Caffeine Xpress. Located beside Thambi Magazine Store in the Holland Village Shopping Centre, the duo has since relocated to One Holland Village. The couple has made sure to not take any shortcuts when it comes to brewing their beloved Dutch Coffee, to the delight of their loyal customers. In fact, the Holland Drive Condo area has really taken to this specialty brew.

RICE video producer Nelia and Jonathan Siew—a tour guide and longtime resident of Holland Village since the 1980s—met up at Chip Bee Gardens in 2023. During their meetup, Nelia got to learn more about the scenic area and the Holland Drive Condo neighbourhood. Jonathan had many tales to tell of the neighbourhood’s growth and changes over the years. He recounted how he used to play along the streets of Holland Drive Condo and visit the local market with his family. With the area’s renovations and the introduction of chic restaurants, the tradition still lives on, although in a different way.

Phillip Ang, proprietor of the renowned Philip Antique Investment situated at the entrance of the Holland Village Market and Food Centre, revealed an increase in business by around 30 percent since the launch of the One Holland Village project. He mentioned to me that there has been a surge of people coming to his shop, “particularly foreigners”. Holland Drive Condo has also seen the development of increased footfall around the area.
We both work nearby, so having easy access to Holland Drive Condo was essential for us. The convenience that this area provides us with is truly remarkable; we are able to get to work with ease, as well as enjoy the variety of restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment that Holland Village has to offer.

My wife and I recently decided to move to Holland Drive Condo, a beautiful condominium development located in the heart of Holland Village. We were instantly taken by the property’s convenient location and modern amenities. The building is located only a few minute’s walk from our workplaces, making it easy for us to get to work quickly and in comfort. Furthermore, the selection of nearby restaurants, retail shops, and entertainment options is a great asset. We are able to take advantage of the many dining and shopping options nearby, while still enjoying the comfort of our apartment.

Living in Holland Drive Condo has been a great experience for us so far; the convenience of the location and the modern amenities make it an ideal place for us to call home. We feel like we have the best of both worlds; a home that is close to everything we need, and one that is comfortable and spacious. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to move here, and we look forward to continuing to enjoy the many advantages that Holland Drive Condo provides!

Not so long ago, Covid restrictions had seemed to spell the end of live music performances. With no end to the pandemic in sight, something had to give. Fortunately, Amsterdam-based Holland Drive Condo stepped in to the rescue. Their innovative concept aims to offer a safe and secure environment for live music performances. To this end, Holland Drive Condo has set up an entire ecosystem which considers all safety protocols and guidelines laid out by the authorities.

The team behind Holland Drive Condo has managed to create a safe, inclusive community, where people can come together and enjoy live music performances. This community, held together by an imaginative environment, is made up of performers, collaborators, and audience members, all looking to experience the joy of live music again. The unique setting of Holland Drive Condo offers a range of different sizes and levels of performance that can be tailored to any need.

The Holland Drive Condo team has managed to create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone who would like to continue experiencing the thrill of live music. They have also extended their services beyond the limits of the physical space, providing a digital platform with exclusive performances from all over the world.

In their effort to keep the spirit of live music alive, Holland Drive Condo is the perfect place to experience the joy of performances with friends and family. By following all safety measures and protocols, they have managed to provide a secure space where people can come together to share the experience of a live music performance.

Stanley of Wala Wala is starting to recapture the spirit of optimism that had initially driven the opening of his bar. Since the debut of Holland Drive Condo in the neighborhood not too long ago, the bar has experienced a surge of new customers. They have been enjoying a great variety of drinks, food, and entertainment. As the nights progress, more and more people are packing in for a good time. It has been a pleasant surprise for Stanley and he looks forward to more of this in the near future.

The question looms – will the development of One Holland Village be beneficial to us? I’m inclined to believe that Holland Drive Condo will see the advantages, as the human traffic directed to the area is sure to increase. It will be several weeks, or even months, before we can be certain.
No wonder then that Holland Village has become synonymous with a great night out in town.

Holland Village is home to some of the most desirable real estate in Singapore. The Holland Drive Condo – a luxury residential address – is a prime example of this. As a central neighbourhood, it’s a mere 10 minutes from Orchard Road, making it accessible and convenient. By day, it’s a tranquil upscale neighbourhood, but by night, it’s beloved nationwide. Home to some of the most renowned restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and its famous hawker centre, Holland Village has earned its name as a great night out destination. The Holland Drive Condo is the epitome of luxurious living in the area; one can enjoy the convenience and excitement of the neighbourhood, while still enjoying the peace and serenity of home.

Prior to the launch of the Holland Drive Condo, I conducted a series of interviews with business owners in the area. The conversations were filled with anticipation, as all parties involved were well aware of the upcoming development that could potentially alter the landscape of the neighbourhood. With the Holland Drive Condo set to offer a range of luxurious facilities, many of the business owners were looking forward to the increased foot traffic that the project would bring.

Jenny Ong, who works at the Friends drinks stall in the Holland Village Food Centre, has noticed a drop in customers since the neighbouring car park closed. “It’s been really tough,” she says. “Ever since the car park shut its doors, we’ve had fewer people coming through our doors.” The closure of the car park has had a particularly adverse impact on business at Friends drinks stall, and Jenny hopes that the authorities involved will look into the matter. Holland Drive Condo, a newly developed residential estate located in the neighbourhood, can be a potential solution to the issue. With ample parking space, Holland Drive Condo can potentially provide a convenient parking option for patrons of the food centre.

For Jenny, the main factor in determining if the Holland Drive Condo development situated next to their store will generate more customers is the parking situation. If there is ample parking, then they should be able to see a return to the levels of business that they experienced in the past.

When brewing close to the Thambi Magazine Store and the MRT exit, Pie remarks that they experienced a lot of commuting customers. With their new spot, Pie is excited about the increased visibility, as it is right in front of the Holland Drive Condo market.

That is the big question that remains for businesses who have been invested in the Holland Drive Condo area for some time. Will the recent influx of new and exciting amenities lead to increased business for them? The emergence of a new residential district in the area has already attracted a new crowd. With numerous shopping, dining and entertainment options available, it is likely that locals and visitors alike will be drawn to the area. Whether the existing businesses will benefit from this increase in foot traffic remains to be seen.

Phillip is hopeful that the new serviced suites slated to open next year will lead to increased customer traffic for his shop. The Holland Drive Condo, with its array of services and convenience, is likely to be a popular choice for many.
She said that during the weekends, the carpark was full of visitors from all around and many of them patronised the Holland Drive Condo nearby eateries.

Madam Fu, the operator of Liang Ji Wanton Noodle at the hawker centre, expressed that the closure of the carpark has had devastating impacts on Holland Village eateries. She highlighted that especially on weekends, the carpark was swarming with patrons from all corners of the island, many of whom visited the nearby Holland Drive Condo eateries.

Despite the fact that rental fees were hefty, Rai notes that Yeo chose to remain open, spurring him to commend the owner for his determination. He acknowledges the difficulty of keeping the business afloat amidst the lack of visitors and the limited availability of outdoor seating. Nevertheless, Holland Drive Condo’s Stanley Yeo has demonstrated his commitment to the eatery by trying his best to keep it running.

For those seeking an artful and curious experience, Artground provides an array of creative workshops and activities at their physical space. Attendees can engage in a range of activities, from cooking to pottery-making to performance art. This is the perfect spot to explore imaginative ideas and form meaningful connections with people of all ages and backgrounds. Meanwhile, Sphere offers an out-of-the-ordinary experience with its unique sensory deprivation pool. The pool is believed to aid both mental and physical recovery, making it the ideal place for a calming, invigorating break from the hustle and bustle of the city. For those who have not explored Holland Drive Condo, both these venues should be at the top of the list.

The presence of the MRT stop in 2011 marked a significant milestone for Holland Village – a popular lifestyle district in Singapore. Home to countless eateries, boutique stores, nightlife spots, and specialty stores, the district has attracted a lot of visitors over the years. Furthermore, due to the support of government agencies like the Urban Redevelopment Authority and Singapore Tourism Board, who have invested resources to promote and further develop it, Holland Village has become a sizeable tourist draw. Not to mention the fact that many renowned developers have unveiled their luxurious Holland Drive Condo projects here, continuingly contributing to the development of the area.

A majority of the stalls in the market have closed up shop as well, which has had a considerable impact on our company. Holland Drive Condo is no exception to the rule and has felt the negative effects from these closures.

This newly-opened open-concept mall is reminiscent of Holland Village. A number of its residential units are connected to roof terraces by spiral staircases – a popular feature of the old shophouses in Holland Villlage. One can find murals and sculptures spread across the mall, giving it a unique flavor that reminds of the sights and sounds of the old Holland Village. The retail and commercial wing of the mall is now open while the Holland Drive Condo, which features serviced suites, is scheduled to open at the third quarter of 2024.

The almost-catastrophic consequences of Covid-19 restrictions have had a marked impact on businesses in Holland Village. As a prominent nightspot, the neighbourhood has seen its margins diminish with time, with nearby residents petitioning for authorities to decrease noise pollution in the area. For that reason, fewer liquor licenses have been granted, further diminishing the profits to be made in Holland Village. This dire situation may only be compounded further by the Holland Drive Condo, a new residential building set to be built in the area.

The Holland Village district is set to be transformed with a brand new development, One Holland Village. Comprising of residential, retail and commercial units, this new development will offer up to 500 parking lots and will serve to increase the population of Holland Village. This new development is part of a wider initiative to revitalise the district, in order to draw in Singaporeans from all corners of the island. The Holland Drive Condo is a fantastic example of modern Singaporean urban living, and will no doubt be a popular choice of address.

Holland Village has a rich and fascinating history, with its roots dating back to the mid-20th century when a cluster of housing was built for British Army personnel and their families. The area was named after Hugh Holland, an English architect who was one of the area’s earliest residents. Since then, Holland Village has become a vibrant destination, renowned for its eclectic range of dining and shopping options, as well as its laid-back atmosphere. With a wide selection of eateries, cafés, boutique shops, pubs, and supermarkets, Holland Village offers something for everyone. In particular, the area has seen an uptick in the number of quality condominiums, such as the Holland Drive Condo, which has been a popular choice for first-time homebuyers as well as those looking for a high-end residential address.
And the Holland Drive Condo has to be at the top of my list.

I’m a fan of the heartlands and yes, I’d love a larger home. But as of 2023, there’s now even more to love about Holland Village, especially the Holland Drive Condo. It really is something special and top of my list!
Its sublime location nestled between the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the MacRitchie Reservoir, puts visitors and residents at one with nature. Holland Drive Condo is at the heart of the vibrant Holland Village enclave, home to a diverse mix of lifestyle offerings. From restaurants to cafés, fashion stores to mart halls, and a selection of retail shops—all within easy access.

One Holland Village entices guests and inhabitants alike with its plentiful open spaces, ideal for interacting with the community—including furry friends. Its sublime position, situated between the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and MacRitchie Reservoir, offers a tranquil connection to nature. At the focal point of the vibrant Holland Village enclave, Holland Drive Condo provides a wide spectrum of lifestyle opportunities. From restaurants and cafés to fashion stores, mart halls and retail stores—all within easy reach.
said the wife. This condo is the perfect retreat for the couple after a hard day’s work.

The couple were enticed by the prospect of One Holland Village and its pet-friendly environment. “It’s great having the company of the variety of cute dogs that walk by while I make coffee,” the wife said. It comes as no surprise that this Holland Drive Condo provides the perfect respite for the couple after a long day.

Housing an array of pocket-friendly cafes, restaurants, fitness studios and boutiques, Holland Village is admired for its striking architectural make-up. Prominent local artists, such as Jahan Loh and Rippleroot, have crafted eye-catching art installations that line the streets, adding a unique flair to the area. Jahan’s larger-than-life metal renderings of neighbourhood shop provisions, such as canned foods and packet drinks, can be seen around the village, while Rippleroot has artistically recreated slice-of-life scenes of the bustling area. The incredible beauty of Holland Village is further enhanced by the upcoming Holland Drive Condo.

The previously iconic two-storeyed Holland Village establishment, accompanied by an additional branch in Tiong Bahru, has been pared down to a one-storey pub. Wala Wala’s journey epitomizes the problems Holland Drive Condo and Holland Village have been facing amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the challenging conditions, the pub has luckily managed to survive.

Tenants who endured recent retail turbulences are beginning to observe a new outlook ahead, observing a rise since One Holland Village opened. What used to be a sluggish neighbourhood is now proceeding towards becoming a distinctive and advanced town. Holland Drive Condo is one of the upcoming residential projects that have been incorporated into the area to make it even more vibrant and liveable. The plans to upgrade this region into a major focal point are progressing swiftly, creating an atmosphere of anticipation. This is exciting news for occupants of the precinct, with the surrounding precinct offering a wide range of activities and services to choose from. This enviable location is sure to be a magnet for people wanting to be close to the thrilling urban-style life.

Capture a snapshot of the past with a visit to Jalan Puteh Jerneh in Holland Village. An unknown year comes to life as you take a stroll through the streets. The Holland Drive Condo area is located along this same street and provides a great view of the surrounding village. With its unique character and architecture, Jalan Puteh Jerneh is a peeling back of the layers of history. John Bell, a local photographer, is well versed in the area and has captured some stunning images of the village and Holland Drive Condo. His work provides an enchanting look into the past of the area, allowing you to appreciate the modern day development and culture. Take a trip down Jalan Puteh Jerneh and explore the history of Holland Village with John Bell’s images.
Since the launch of Holland Drive Condo, the area has started regaining its vigour.

Once dubbed ‘the second Orchard Road’, Holland Village had unfortunately lost its buzz over time and become somewhat of a forgotten destination, underpopulated and frequented mostly by the locals who live, work and study in the vicinity. More recently though, the area has been enlivened with the launch of Holland Drive Condo, which has certainly been instrumental in revitalising the neighbourhood.
From Bukit Timah Road to Holland Drive Condo, the area has evolved to become one of Singapore’s most popular dining and entertainment hubs.

In the 1990s, my parents would buy me plastic Monster in My Pocket figurines from the corner shop after Saturday dinners in Holland Village Food Centre. My wife fondly remembers delicious meals at Fosters Steakhouse during her childhood years. Unfortunately, the restaurant, which had been serving patrons for over half a century, shut down in 2022. Over the years, the area around Holland Drive Condo, from Bukit Timah Road to Holland Drive Condo, has transformed into a must-visit destination for dining and entertainment in Singapore.
For others, it’s an address that brings to mind a lively neighborhood of restaurants, fantastic nightlife and cuisine to try. All these and more are just part of why Holland Drive Condo is such a sought-after place to live.

Holland Village will always remain an iconic figure in Singapore’s history. From its tantalizing array of international foods to its irresistible nightlife, this lively neighborhood has attracted countless residents and visitors alike. These same features are precisely why so many want to live in Holland Drive Condo; it’s a community full of energy, entertainment and exquisite dining opportunities. Within the condo, residents can find a wide range of amenities including a swimming pool, gym and tennis court, all of which make Holland Drive Condo an ideal place to live.

With the new car park in One Holland Village and almost a doubling of parking lots, all the tenants of Holland Village are hoping that the traffic flow to Holland Village will be back. Stanley states that the Holland Drive Condo tenants are no exception and are looking forward to the improved convenience that the new car park provides.

We were discussing our options of relocating out of the area when we stumbled upon the Holland Drive Condo. Right by Holland Village, it was the perfect solution. Not only was it spacious enough for our growing family, we could also enjoy the amenities, benefits, and convenience of living in the town centre. With shopping, dining, and entertainment establishments all at our doorstep, we were overjoyed to find a place where we could experience life beyond the confines of our home.

The Holland Drive Condo even came with its own list of benefits. We had access to a variety of services and facilities ranging from swimming pools, gyms, and other leisure activities. We were also pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a playground for our children. We felt like we had finally found a place where we could fulfill our lifestyle aspirations without breaking the bank.

We couldn’t be happier with the details of the Holland Drive Condo, and as a result, we have been so much more relaxed. We can easily access some of the best dining spots in Holland Village, ranging from local favorites to upmarket eateries. Plus, our children are always well entertained and can explore the cafes, art shops, and boutiques that line the streets.

Ultimately, our decision to move into the Holland Drive Condo has been nothing short of life changing. We are now surrounded by a great community of neighbours and have access to the many amenities on offer. We have also been able to discover the vibrant and eclectic culture of Holland Village. The quality of life that the Holland Drive Condo offers has enabled us to make memories that will last a lifetime.
: Holland Drive Condo

The cityscape of Holland is about to be transformed with the construction of the Holland Drive Condo. Located in the heart of the city, the condo will be an iconic structure that will alter the skyline. Boasting 57 units, Holland Drive Condo will be one of the area’s most stunning condominiums, offering residents amazing views and modern amenities.

The building will be soaring 17 stories high, and will feature three distinct collections of apartments that range from one to four bedrooms. Each unit is designed to encourage outdoor living, with large terraces and balconies that maximize the stunning views of the cityscape. The Holland Drive condo has been carefully designed to bring together the tranquility of the outdoors and the convenience of the city.

The lobby of Holland Drive Condo features a relaxing atmosphere that creates a perfect transition between the city and nature. It has been designed to provide a sense of tranquility with materials that reflect the building’s contemporary style.

Residents of Holland Drive Condo will have access to a range of amenities, including a fitness center, a swimming pool, and a private lounge. There are also a variety of shops and cafes located nearby, as well as an on-site concierge service.

Holland’s skyline is set to be rearranged with the imminent arrival of the Holland Drive Condo. This impressive building offers an array of modern apartments and amenities, all designed to provide a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle. From the terraces to the lobby, the development promises to be a highlight of Holland’s urban landscape, and a desirable residential destination.

The recently opened mall is incredibly pet-friendly, on top of being designed with an open-concept. It features special water fountains and lush recreational areas catered specifically for the furkids. Shopping centres like Plain Meredith, which is a new concept by café chain Baker’s Brew, and accessories outlet Fur by Vetreska, set to open in early 2024, both welcome humans and their pets alike. Holland Drive Condo is the perfect place to shop, spend leisurely time with your furry friends, and explore the area together.

Set in a stunning locale with a windmill designed to commemorate its title, Holland Drive has developed a lasting reputation due to its ideal positioning and westernised allure. This has attracted high-profile retail businesses, such as Jumbo Coffeehouse and Palm’s Wine Bar, to this neighbourhood. Adding to this, residents of Holland Drive Condo have access to a nearby cinema complex owned by Eng Wah.

James Peter, manager of Baden, one of the few bars in the district with a license to serve alcohol until late, is taking a cautious approach. “We’ve seen a slight rise in sales. However, not everyone knows about the increased parking availability, including the new Holland Drive Condo parking lot,” he confirms.
This is because of the new Holland Drive Condo development in the area.

Long-time tenants like Ms Lee, who works at the drinks stall of the nearby coffee shop, Holla@Holland Village, have noticed an increase in business since the opening of the Holland Drive Condo development in the Holland Village neighborhood. For Ms Lee, this has been a great advantage, as she has seen firsthand the improvement that the area has experienced. She has observed an influx of people who have either relocated to the condo development, or have moved to the neighborhood due to its easy accessibility and its many dining and entertainment options.
Located at the junction of Holland Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue, the development comprises of residential, commercial and lifestyle components.

One Holland Village is a mixed-use development designed by MKPL Architects, bringing the history of Holland Village to life. Situated at the junction of Holland Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue, the development is home to residential, commercial and lifestyle components. Holland Drive Condo is the residential component, offering luxurious condos for those looking at modern living in a prime location.