A semi-private hybrid development that’s located in the heart of Tengah Town, Tengah EC is set to become the first ‘car-free’ town centre in Singapore. With a polyclinic, a new park and an integrated transport system, the project should attract buyers looking for an alternative lifestyle. But what exactly is it? Let’s explore the features of this town centre development to find out if it’s right for you.

The new eco-city in the heart of Tengah will feature green living amenities and a car-free town centre. Residents will also have access to a bike network and farm-to-table restaurants. The development will be future-proof as it will incorporate smart technologies and green design. It will also be close to the future car-free town centre. The new eco-city will be a first in the West region.

This eco-friendly development with smart features is a great choice for those who want to live in a city that is close to public transport and educational institutions. It is less than 30 minutes’ drive from the city center. The development combines historic and modern living into one seamless eco-friendly environment. It will be grouped into five districts, with underground roads to allow for easy transportation around town. Each district will have its own unique features and amenities.

The Copen Grand EC is located within the Tengah EC. Tengah EC includes a green township with a polyclinic and sports hubs. In addition to these features, this development also includes 12 plots of land. This development is expected to have a higher standard of living and will cater to a younger crowd. Aside from the greenery, Copen Grand will also have a polyclinic and more amenities. It is a community oriented development and will help create a sense of community and connection between residents.

In the future, Tengah Town will be one of the greenest towns in Singapore. Tengah EC is near the Tengah MRT station and is surrounded by nature. The development is close to public transportation and is near the town centre, which will be car-free in the future. There is a new MRT station nearby that makes it easy to commute from Tengah to the city.

Situated near future MRT stations and bus terminals, Tengah EC is positioned in the centre of the upcoming Tengah Town District. Featuring separated pedestrian roads, the neighbourhood will be bike-friendly and car-lite. The development will be well-connected to the rest of the town. Furthermore, it will be situated in a green area with ample outdoor space.

This eco-friendly community is located near the heart of Tengah Town, making it a great choice for those who love nature. The development will feature greenflies and smart features and will be the first of its kind in the area. Its location will allow it to be accessible to the CBD in less than 30 minutes. There will be plenty of retail space and a thriving entertainment district.

The development will have 620 units of condos. It will be divided into five districts with different features. Together, the districts will form the skeleton of the Tengah EC. The EC will have an underground road and 4 MRT stations. In addition, it will be located next to the Pan-Island Expressway and the Kranji Expressway. Once the project is completed, Tengah EC will be open to buyers. However, it is necessary to register in advance in order to view the development.

In addition to the greenery surrounding the development, the area will also be home to future educational institutions. It will also have dedicated cycle and pedestrian paths and underground traffic. The town centre will also be home to future businesses. It will also feature a park. Despite its proximity to the CBD, the town will be car-free. A large portion of the estate will be green, and the town centre will also have green spaces.

The planned “car-free town centre” in Tengah is a green environment, where residents can walk, cycle and take public transport. This town has underground roads, which will reduce local traffic. It will also feature long cycle paths and will separate motor and pedestrian traffic. In addition, it will feature a community farm and 100-metre forest corridor. The proposed development is expected to be completed in ten years.

The location of Tengah EC makes it an ideal place to live and work. It is close to the city centre, including the Central Business District, the Jurong Innovation District, and the Jurong Lake District. This is a great place to live and retire, as it’s close to many other places in Singapore. In addition to its location, Tengah is surrounded by lush greenery and is perfect for families.

The development is a large-scale project with a large area of land. It is expected to house 42,000 new houses. The development is also eco-friendly and sustainable, and will include provision for electric vehicles. It is also located close to three MRT stations, making it an ideal place for residents. The town centre will have dedicated cycling and walking paths on both sides of the streets, making it safe and comfortable for residents and visitors.

The master plan for the development of Tengah EC is designed with the millennial generation in mind. It aims to be a walkable, car-free town that offers green features and space for public recreation. In addition to being eco-friendly, the town will have convenient public transportation and free parking. This is an added plus for tenants, and makes the area more accessible for many types of visitors.

This town is well situated for people to commute from different parts of the city. Its proximity to a future “car-free town centre” is a big plus. It also has ample amenities, such as a polyclinic and community club. It is also close to bus interchanges. This is a new town that incorporates a master plan for a smart town, which is being carried out.

The new polyclinic will be completed by 2025 and located along Bukit Batok Road, opposite the West Edge @ Bukit Batok housing estate. It is part of a mixed-use development and will have all the facilities that people expect from an EC. It will be located near the existing schools, including Shuqun Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School. The site also has other amenities, such as a community club and sports center.

The Polyclinic at Tengah EC is part of a neighborhood centre, a shopping mall, a polyclinic food court, and a resident’s committee center. It is a joint venture between MCL and CDL. It is one of the last large plots of land in the country, and is adjacent to Bukit Batok and Jurong. This area is also part of the British Royal Air Force.

Located in the heart of Tengah town, Tengah EC will also feature a 20-hectare Central Park, a community farm, and a future MRT station. The Jurong Region Line is expected to serve the town by 2026. The town center will also be car-free, which is another big plus for tenants. The EC will also feature a community garden, playgrounds, and a park.

The newly built town of Tengah EC is one of Singapore’s most popular residential communities. Its more than 400 apartments are fully furnished and equipped with everything you need to live comfortably. Other amenities that the town offers include an on-site fitness club, swimming pool, Chinese language school, and a mini-concert hall. The town is set to be one of the most environmentally friendly communities in Singapore, thanks to a centralized energy management system.

The Tengah EC has a number of features that make it a smart condominium. Green infrastructure and smart condominiums help residents live healthier lifestyles, reduce air pollution, and save on energy. The location of this new condo development is also convenient, as it is just a short drive to the city center. This makes it an excellent choice for retirees. Residents can enjoy the proximity to Bukit Baok and Jurong East, and the amenities that come with living here.

The community club is one of the many amenities offered at the Tengah EC. Its amenities are modern, and there is a mini golf course for your enjoyment. The community is also bounded by mature housing estates. A community club is an excellent place to socialize with neighbors and enjoy a game of mini-golf. With so many activities available in the area, it is easy to see why the community is so popular.

The Tengah EC is located in the central part of the town and is near the future “car-free” town centre. The development has 12 parcels of land set aside for educational institutions. Eventually, it will be possible to build a new MRT station within the vicinity of the new EC. Residents also enjoy amenities such as a fitness center, a swimming pool, and balconies overlooking the lush greenery.